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CRHS celebrates December 2021 Students & Staff of the Month

Cumberland Regional High School congratulates the December 2021 CRHS Students and Staff of the Month

Students and staff were nominated and selected because they demonstrated characteristics which align to living the C.O.L.T.S. Life at Cumberland Regional High School:
Team Player
Self Discipline

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Travon Parker
"Travon is a model student. He participates consistently on a daily basis. He is respectful and focuses on the task at hand. His focus is clearly his education. That is commendable considering the obstacles students currently face. Kudos to you, Travon, on pushing forward and having strong self-discipline."
Student of the Month, 9th grade: Alisha Ramos Figueroa
"Alisha has been wonderful since day one. She is a leader who tries to ensure that everyone has a voice and is treated with kindness. She always works to help other students be successful in class and always has a smile on her face while doing so. One day Alisha will be a force to reckon with, and with her clear sense of justice and fairness, she will move mountains. I can't wait to see what the next few years at CRHS bring for Alisha!"
Student of the Month, 10th grade: Kyara Volpi Barra
"I commend Kyara for her persistence, positive attitude, and incredible work ethic in all of her subjects. Kyara is an English Language Learner and a newcomer to the country. Despite the language barrier and other obstacles, she has faced and continues to face, Kyara continues giving everything her best effort each day. She completes each of her assignments to the best of her ability and maintains a positive attitude. In addition to being a hard worker, she's also very humble, caring, and kind. She is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it."
Student of the Month, 10th grade: Jordan Evans
"Jordan is a hard-working individual in and out of the classroom. Every day she comes to class with a smile and warm greeting for those around her. She works hard on her own work, and she takes extra time to contact me when she has questions or needs reassurance. She exhibits pride in completing every assignment with her best effort. When Jordan is absent, she takes the initiative to complete her missing work. In addition, Jordan works well with those around her. She embodies all the qualities of a CRHS Colt. Her determination, self-discipline, and ability to work with others will lead to her continued success."
Student of the Month, 11th grade: Dennis Cuff
"Dennis is a student who brightens my day, every day. He is one of the first to get to class, and always has a smile on his face. He is an excellent team player, offering great contributions to group projects. He also makes sure his own work is the best quality that he can produce. I appreciate the energy that Dennis brings to the classroom!" 
Student of the Month, 11th grade: Emily Peters
"Emily is always enthusiastic about Food Science and Safety Class. She leads her group with labs, will stay after class to clean up, and works with those in her group who don't understand the activity. She makes an effort to do her best work in the class. Emily asks questions to clarify information so that everyone benefits from the learning. Way to go, Emily! Thank you for being a leader." 
Student of the Month, 12th grade: Jaxson Marcano
"Jaxson is a wonderful young man! He is hardworking and kind. He always comes to class with a positive attitude and actively participates each day in class. In addition to these exceptional attributes he possesses, within this past month, he took initiative and helped multiple students within the classroom. These students were behind, and he stepped right up to help out and was a peer tutor in the classroom! I am so proud of all Jaxson's efforts and progress. Jaxson is a model student and a joy to have in the classroom!" 
Student of the Month, 12th grade: Grecia Vera Rodriguez
"Grecia embodies and exemplifies all aspects of the COLTS Life qualities. She strives to complete her best work on all assignments and ask for constant feedback to better herself. She is clearly a leader in the way that she is a positive example for all of her peers, both in and out of the classroom. This goes hand in hand with being a team player and encouraging everyone around her to be their best selves and do their best work. What sets Grecia apart from others is her thoughtfulness and optimism. She is a kind soul who radiates positivity, as it is her nature. Grecia is a fabulous example of a COLT!" 
Wrestling: Khari Boulware
"Khari has taken the role as leader and captain of this team. Always looking after the others on his team. He has taken care of his body in the offseason, constantly helps his teachers, and he is a mentor in the Colt Tutoring program as well. Khari is primed for the upcoming season of SC Wrestling in the 157lbs weight class."
Swimming: Renee Sheppard
"Renee has been a great role model for our younger swimmers. She is hard working, and it has really shown in her performance in our two meets so far. She has a great work ethic and is also a peer mentor at school and Student Council Vice President." 
Elisabeth Campbell

"Elisabeth Campbell is such an amazing teacher and colleague. In directing the 'Tower Stories,' she faced some adversity from the community, as well as technical, facility, and performer challenges. Through her positive outlook and focus on the goal, the performance exceeded expectations. She had student actors ready to tell the story of a challenging event, and they did so with passion and heart. Her vision for the show was evident through staging, background selections of music, set design, and costumes. I truly appreciate her ability to bring to the stage a show that had me in my feelings and allowed me to appreciate the art of theatre at the same time." 
Otto Steigerwalt
"Otto came to work to make sure his Driver's Education students had an opportunity to sit for the New Jersey State Driver's Exam. The Driver's Exam is important to so many tenth-graders here at CRHS, and Steig realized this even in a time of personal grief and loss. This demonstrates that Steig cares about the success of his students even when things may not be going so easy for him." 
Mike Hancock
"Mike, who normally works day shift, recently has done evening shift custodial hours to help fill a void on night shift. The custodial staff here at CRHS are very conscientious and keep our school looking BEAUTIFUL! Every morning when I step into the building, it always amazes me how shiny and clean the floors are! Honestly the entire team does a GREAT job, but I think it goes above and beyond when someone offers to help out when the need for that is there." 
We applaud these exemplary students and staff for their efforts and thank them for their contributions to the Colts family.