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CRHS celebrates October 2022 Students & Staff of the Month

Cumberland Regional High School congratulates the October 2022 CRHS Students and Staff of the Month

Students and staff were nominated and selected because they demonstrated characteristics which align to living the C.O.L.T.S. Life at Cumberland Regional High School:
Team Player
Self Discipline

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Hailey Burchfield
Hailey is doing awesome this year in my class. She is working hard and participates in class. I am so proud of her determination to be successful. Hailey is always on task and participating. Hailey also is so engaged in class that when something doesn't make sense or she has a question, she asks! Keep working hard!

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Aiden Brett
Aiden found a large sum of money in my classroom and turned it in. What an amazing young man of excellent character! The student who lost the money was not only relieved to have gotten it back but exceedingly grateful and surprised by the honesty and kindness shown. Great job, Aiden! Students like you are what make CRHS such a great place to be!

Student of the Month, 10th grade: Norahlyn Goodwin
Norahlyn is a member of the fall play, "Puffs." She has been doing amazing in her multiple roles AND she has been helping me create and paint a bunch of the props that are needed for the show. Norahlyn is such a creative student, and she always has a great attitude and is so helpful with everything. I am so thankful to have someone like her in the show!

Student of the Month, 10th grade: Anthony Bui
Anthony is doing a fantastic job in our Art 1 class. He is detail-oriented with his projects and his sketchbook work, uses his time efficiently, and definitely leads by example. He is a positive member of our classroom!

Student of the Month, 11th grade: Victoria Vieira 
Vicky always comes to class with a positive attitude and works hard on all of her assignments. She's dependable and trustworthy and made sure the A110 fish were properly cared for when I was out a few weeks ago.

Student of the Month, 11th grade: Marlon Grannel
Marlon has demonstrated independence and drive in my Language Arts class since the beginning of the semester. On one occasion, I'd explained to the students that we would continue a story the next day, but Marlon was adamant and "argued" for permission to take a book home so he could finish his work. In another example, Marlon completed all of his work and, while others were doing make up assignments, he went around to help, then asked me what else he could do. I am proud of Marlon for his level of integrity and work ethic.

Student of the Month, 12th grade: Amaya Dilan
Amaya is a dedicated student who cares about her grades and academics and always gets her work in on time. Not only is she kind and respectful, but she assists other students in the classroom if they've missed work from being absent. Amaya is a pleasure to teach and is a great example of what all students of the month should be!

Student of the Month, 12th grade: Taivon Kerr
T.K. is such a pleasure to have in class. He comes to school each day with a smile on his face, ready and willing to work. T.K. is always happy, upbeat, and respectful, and tries his very best each day. Taivon is one of our Colts students that brings a smile to your face the minute that you see him each morning. His outgoing personality and positive greeting are things I look forward to every day. T.K. loves being a COLT. His consistent optimism is something I aspire to have. Keep up the great work, T.K., and keep spreading your joy! 

Boys' Soccer Student-Athlete of the Month: Lukas Weist
Lukas Weist is the lockdown in our back three defense and he is hard to beat. Lukas is a great player and is a great student as well. Lukas is a 3rd year varsity player for Cumberland and is a 2nd year, 1st Team Defender in the Tri-County Liberty Division. Lukas works hard throughout the season and is a very competitive player that gives it his all every single practice and game throughout the year.

Girls' Tennis Student-Athlete of the Month: Grace Albert
Grace closed out the season going 10-0 in divisional play and 10-4 in conference play. In addition to having a great season, Grace continued to demonstrate leadership traits both on and off the court. She motivated her teammates to put forth their best efforts while leading by example. Her interactions with opponents, coaches, and parents highlighted her sportsmanship. Grace balances these accomplishments while also being one of the top students academically in her class. She is involved with numerous clubs and helps out at her church. She represents what "Colt" pride is all about. For these reasons listed above, I nominate Grace Albert for athlete of the month.

Football Student-Athlete of the Month: Qua'yon Nock
This year Q developed into a leader of the team and set the example for the culture that we are building. In addition to his leadership, Q also played a huge part in the team's success this school year. In the month of October Q had 17 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception, and 2 blocked kicks. On offense he had 117 yard receiving and 2 touchdowns. 

Recently, Gene has done an awesome job on two fronts. First, his leadership of our Boys Soccer Team was exciting to follow throughout the fall season. Reading the article and looking at pictures of the men celebrating in the ocean and on their boardwalk after their upset win was awesome to see, especially after the ups and downs that their group experienced during the season. Additionally, his role as the leader of the Justice Studies Academy has expanded opportunities for our students to visit unique experiences and hear directly from experts in their career fields they are interested in pursuing. On the field and in the classroom, Mr. Thomas' leadership is helping our COLTS reach their potential. 

Tyonna Gunter
Thank you to Tyonna for caring for our mutual student and keeping constant open communication. She is thriving because we work together as a team.

Thank you, Tyonna, for volunteering your time with Breakthrough Gospel Choir. Things have truly come full circle for you as a former member. You are stepping out of your comfort zone, and we appreciate you.

Sean McGuigan
Sean is a wonderful person to work with but most importantly, he is a great friend. I am so glad and happy he is part of our CRHS family. Thanks for all you do for our students and staff, Sean!

I reached out to Sean and Matt at the beginning of the school year for tips and suggestions on how to incorporate SEL in my mathematics classroom. They not only sent me resources but also sent strategies on how to specifically incorporate SEL into my classroom. In addition, they have come in to do activities with my students and provided important information and strategies for my students to build into their daily lives. 

We applaud these exemplary students and staff for their efforts and thank them for their contributions to the Colts family.