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Senior Ethan Turner Scores 1,000 Points as a Colt!

Ethan Turner Becomes 6th Male to Score 1,000 Points at CRHS


Senior Ethan Turner scored his 1,000 career point as a CRHS Colt.  When asked about how he felt about achieving this milestone, Turner said “I feel amazing.  It feels like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”  He went on to explain that as a freshman basketball player, he made the goal of on thousand points before he graduated.  On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, Ethan not only achieved that goal, but he exceeded it.  “It was one of the longest goals I’ve set for myself.”  Turner became the 6th male in CRHS history to score 1,000+ career points in basketball.   

Ethan is joined by his coaches and teammates after he scored his 1,000 point as a colt

Ethan Turner (#10) is joined by his coaches and teammates after scoring his 1,000 career points as a Colt.    

Turner is not only a basketball player, but he participates in baseball, varsity soccer, varsity track & field and varsity cross country.  He says that it took him awhile to “decide that basketball is my number one sport.” He plans to play basketball in college.  He has not made a decision for which institution he will be committing to yet, but he does plan to attend college.  Not only is Ethan a star athlete, but he's a member of the National Honor Society, a Senior Mentor and boasts a 3.78 GPA.

When asked if there was a professional athlete that he admired, Turner replied “Russell Westbrook because he is intense.  I like to play with high intensity at all times.”

Humility is definitely one of Turner’s character traits.  He was very humbled that he is receiving so much attention for this achievement.  Ethan would like to thank his coaches, teammates, and family.  He laughingly stated that “literally half my family was there supporting me.”  This is a characteristic that is clearly from his parents as when we reached out to ask about how they felt concerning their sons’ achievements shared that “We’re just proud of him for working hard, mutual loyalty and respect between him, the coaches and his teammates.  We’re so amazed at him achieving this goal given the challenges that COVID presented the last 2 years.  We are so proud of the whole team for how hard they work and how far they have come.  This was truly a team accomplishment.”


Ethan is joined by his parents after scoring 1,000 career points.

Senior Ethan Turner is joined by his Father Jason and Mother Charissa after scoring 1,000 points.


Head Coach William Hocker and Assistant Coaches Daniel Fougeray and Romane Timmons are very proud of Ethan and Coach Hocker said that “It means a great deal to us as coaches that Ethan accomplished this great milestone because we had the privilege of watching him grow as a basketball player and more importantly as a person.  It is important to remember that Ethan accomplished this great task, even after losing half his sophomore season due to COVID.  Ethan has reminded us all that great things can be accomplished through hard work and genuine enthusiasm.  His love for basketball has spread through our team and community. He has energized our entire basketball community and is a great role model for his teammates and classmates.”

Coach Hocker described Ethan as “a high-energy, athletic slashing guard who has a great willingness to win.” He says that Ethan leads by example.  “His play speaks for itself.  He also is willing to listen to his teammates when they have a better idea that he has.  He does not have an ego and he is not too prideful to listen to suggestions and coaching.”

Ethan is described as having work ethic, grit and determination.  It is important to note that his coaches have stated that he never misses practice, is always looking for the next challenge. “He loves to embrace weaknesses and works to make them a strength.  Each year, he did that and became a great high school player.

Athletic Director Collin Lewis commented that “the Athletics Department is thrilled at his accomplishment as he joins an elite group of athletes in the history of CRHS sports.” The Athletics Department plans to celebrate Ethan’s accomplishment this Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 10:30am as the Colts host Salem County Vocational & Technical School.