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Read Across Colt Nation

Read Across Colt Nation


Cumberland Regional High School serves students that come from 5 different schools of which comprise our 7 sending district.  Our vision was to reach our sending district students at a young age and get them excited about literacy and reading and on our amazing campus.  That is just what happened.  On Wednesday, March 8, 2023 all five districts sent students to CRHS for a “Read Across Colt Nation” event.


Mr. Dolente (Dressed as Cat in the Hat) greeted students as they arrived to welcome them to Cumberland Regional High School.  He was greeted with many high fives, “hi, Cat in the Hat”s and a few hugs.  From the very minute the students arrived, they were energetic and excited for what was to come. As soon as they entered the building they were met by our CRHS Cheerleaders.


 Mr. Justin Martin, Humanities Supervisor spoke with students about their day and reinforced the importance of reading.  There are studies that have been conducted specifically on literacy and literacy with adolescents.  It is important to note that kids who read “at least 20 minutes every day will have exposure to approximately 2 million words annually” according to a study published by Pew Research.  The study also makes mention that “Reading can boost emotional development and career prospects by 50%-100%.”


While at CRHS 1st grade students went to different stations throughout the building where they took part in different activities.  Cumberland Regional students acted as group leaders for the children while others took part in activities with the younger students.

Students also made masks of story characters that they learned about through the stories they were read.  We had pig masks and elephant masks all around our building as just another reminder of the amazing celebration of Dr. Seuss, Literacy, Read Across America and Read Across Colt Nation.



Mrs. Elisabeth Campbell’s Drama students put on a performance for Read Across Colt Nation participants.  This focused on the student Gabe (Standing) not liking reading until he his teacher gave him a book about something that he was interested in.  From there, he got so excited about reading that he had to share it with his classmates.