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CRHS Celebrates the March 2023 Students, Student Athletes and Staff of the Month

Cumberland Regional High School congratulates the March 2023 CRHS Students, Athletes and Staff of the Month! 

Students and staff were nominated and selected because they demonstrated characteristics which align to living the C.O.L.T.S. Life at Cumberland Regional High School:
Team Player
Self Discipline

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Terrance Bryant Terrance has made an awesome start to Phys Ed. Without me asking, Terrance took it upon himself to lead the class warmups every day. In addition to demonstrating great ability in PE, Terrance cares about his classmates and does a fantastic job of involving his peers at all times. It’s rare that a freshman would show this level of maturity and I’m excited to see Terrance grow in this role as the year goes on.

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Riley Headrick I am nominating Riley because she recently checked in with me about a situation in ECHS. She is thoughtful and caring enough to verify that her courses were the right courses for both her and her classmates.  She always shows kindness and that she cares about others.  She helped deliver items to teachers after we completed the task we set out to complete.  She is an all-around team player, and she shows her leadership skills by speaking up and checking on things that seem incorrect.

Student of the Month, 10th grade: Ryan Simpkins Ryan definitely exhibits the C.O.L.T.S. Life characteristics of Self-Discipline and Leadership regularly in our Art 2 class.  He focuses on doing his best with his artwork and also is motivated to try out new materials and take creative risks, which is super vital to growing as an artist.  Ryan will also find time to help others in the classroom. Ryan's interest is greatly appreciated in the art classroom, and I am looking forward to Ryan's next art experiment!

Student of the Month, 10th grade:  Amy Hasher Amy is demonstrating her all-star abilities every day at CRHS. Recently, she and a group of her friends reached out to the administration about starting a Green Initiative Club for our campus to help make CRHS more environmentally friendly and nature focused. She also recently took part in our Spring musical and did a great job in her role. She has the focus to multitask and the drive to help make our school the best it can be.

 Student of the Month, 11th grade:  Anthony Miller Anthony brings a bright light of positivity to our class. He comes to class every day with a smile on his face and a great attitude. Anthony is an excellent team player and works very well in any group he is placed in. I appreciate that Anthony uplifts our class, even at the end of the day. Keep shining, Ant! Your enthusiasm is infectious to everyone around you!

Student of the Month, 11th grade: Myla Newsome I have chosen to nominate Myla for her leadership in our club. Recently, Myla led an educational presentation on LGBTQIA+ figures. I think it takes a lot of courage to speak and present to a club with over 60+ members. I'm very proud of her for this. Keep up the great work Myla!

Student of the Month, 12th grade: Dennis Cuff Dennis is always the first student to offer help to a student in need. He will assist with tutoring in class or help a student with makeup work. He is always friendly and cooperative. Dennis is a stand-up example of how a student should act in class and towards others. He demonstrates leadership qualities by taking it upon himself to help other students with their math. Dennis works with students who need help and motivates them to get their assignments done. Thank you Dennis for Caring!

Student of the Month, 12th grade: Madison Manno Maddie was a huge part of the Read Across Colt Nation success.  By being the COLT, young students were excited to see the horse and have their pictures taken with her.  Then she shifted to play a role in the finale, highlighted by being a prairie dog.  Well done, your COLT pride is so appreciated!


Colton DelCollo Colton was recently recognized by the Tri-County Conference and South Jersey Coaches Association as a Scholar Athlete for the 2022-23 athletic season.

In addition to his amazing accomplishments in Cross-Country cross-country, Colton earned this prestigious recognition by his current class rank (4th) with a 103.32 GPA, his involvement in the Science National Honor Society, participation in the Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society, and he is currently the vice president of the National Honor Society.

Colton also volunteers with the Healthy Kids Running Series, which gets kids involved in running.

Colton is an amazing student-athlete and well deserving of this recognition!


Aryn Asher Mrs. Asher is constantly looking for ways to make the educational experience for her students better. Mrs. Asher helped her students write fairytales and then read them to the visiting first graders during the Read Across Colt Nation event.  According to several chaperones, her students talking to the young visitors was a highlight of the day!  Her vision and work to prepare the students are noticed and appreciated!

Bill Hocker Coach Hocker ran a fantastic event for our school and our future athletes.  His 8th-grade basketball showcase allowed our future students and their parents to join our school.  He even harnessed his senior leaders to coach the students.  Great job Bill.  Your event made me proud to be a Colt and it highlighted our current student leaders and future student-athletes!

Betsy Harrison Rock of Ages is Mrs. Harrison's 25th show here at CRHS, which is an extremely impressive milestone. Mrs. Harrison dedicates so much time and effort to ensure that the students have a great experience while working on the spring musical. As director, Betsy is a positive leader and coordinator for not only our students but also the rest of the musical production team in our goal of providing an engaging activity for our student thespians as well as an entertaining spectacle for our community.  Brava!

We applaud these exemplary students, athletes and staff for their efforts and thank them for their contributions to the Colts family.