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CRHS Celebrates the April 2023 Students, Student Athletes & Staff of the Month

Cumberland Regional High School congratulates the April 2023 CRHS Students, Athletes and Staff of the Month! 

Students and staff were nominated and selected because they demonstrated characteristics which align to living the C.O.L.T.S. Life at Cumberland Regional High School:
Team Player
Self Discipline

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Zuri Henriques Zuri is an awesome student.  She is caring, understanding, funny, and always willing to learn in Spanish class.  She helps other students in the class.  She helps other students in the class with the assignments as well.  We are so lucky to have a great and terrific student like Zuri!

Student of the Month, 9th grade: Tevon Perry Tevon comes to class everyday prepared and ready to go.  Whenever we go over the directions for the day or for the activity, he is always paying attention to understand what is expected of him.  Each time we have class discussions, or a question is posed to the class, Tevon is typically one that raises his hand with an answer or willing to take a risk even if he is unsure.  He is always one that gives 100% on a daily basis and a joy to have in class.  Keep up the great work and finish strong!

Student of the Month, 10th grade: Steven Pierce I chose to nominate Steven, because he comes into this building every day with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. He is someone who radiates kindness and respect to everyone he interacts with. He will go above and beyond and do whatever you ask of him. Steven is someone who makes our school a better place.

Student of the Month, 10th grade:  Noval Jenkins Noval is a genuinely great young man.  He is a varsity football player and wrestler but that doesn't speak for his character.  He is smart, kind, hardworking, respectful, trustworthy and has the best intentions for himself and others.  The biggest compliment I can give him is that if I were his father, I would be so honored.  

 Student of the Month, 11th grade:  Christian Roller Christian is one of the kindest students at CRHS. He is a member of our Boys Track throwing team and an academic honor roll student. Christian recently got a step closer to his career goal by scoring a perfect score during his trades program interview. We are lucky to have Christian representing our C.O.L.T.S. life beliefs on the track and in the classroom.

Student of the Month, 11th grade: Gabrielle Nieves Gabriel is doing an amazing job with his grades and has been working on his goals for after high school.  It is great to see the growth he has demonstrated over the past three years and the amazing young man he is becoming. We are very proud of him.

Student of the Month, 12th grade: Julian Sharkey Julian is a fabulous member of the Concert Choir!  Not only does he sing in the group, but he has also been extremely helpful with the electronic components.  He sets up what we need each day, and then also troubleshoots and fixes when things go differently than planned.  Julian helps class run smoothly.  Thank you, Julian!

Student of the Month, 12th grade: Julia Weis Julia does a tremendous job in Driver Education!  She is always prepared with her completed assignments and participates in class regularly.  Julia is the first person to ask questions to check her understanding of material and she raises her hand frequently to participate in review activities.


Alicea Seitzinger Alicea has been a huge part of our team this season.  She is currently batting.486 so far this season with 17 hits.  Alicea has had the game winning hit in 2 of our 4 wins!

She is a hard worker, never misses a practice and is playing an amazing center field!


Bill Kennedy Bill has done an outstanding job of leading our Boys Tennis Team through the season.  His leadership, knowledge of the game and the way that he deals with his athletes is one of the many reasons that his team has gotten off to a great start.  His positive mindset and expectations that he sets keeps the team wanting to continue winning moving ahead!

Tim Zoyac Tim has made an immediate positive impact on our district since joining in January. Not a day goes by where Tim isn't applying for or actively seeking grant funding that can support or expand the awesome culture, we are building at CRHS. Additionally, Tim makes sure to share all the amazing accomplishments and events at CRHS by managing multiple social media platforms and our website. Keep up the great work Tim!

Dave Bostwick Mr. Bostwick is one of the most positive people at CRHS. He is always greeting people with a smile and is always willing to help his colleagues who need it. He cares about students and spends most of his time talking to his students. Mr. Bostwick is always focused on motivating his students to stay on track.

We applaud these exemplary students, athletes and staff for their efforts and thank them for their contributions to the Colts family.