4/20 - Monday’s Deliverables

  • Nothing to submit today
  • Review the new Image Below
  • Begin working on Tuesday’s Practice Problems

4/21 - Tuesday’s Deliverables

Practice Problem submittal

1.     The weight of a flash drive is 3 grams. Convert the measurement to cg.

 2.     The distance between Billy’s house and grandma’s is 2,587 m.  How far is this in km?

3.     7,565,429.259 dl of water were placed into a large tank.  How many hl of water were put into the tank?

 4.     A typical laptop computer has a mass of about 1.3 kg.  What is the mass of the laptop in dg?

5.     A typical 10 AWG copper wire can only be run 152.4 m before a voltage drop occurs.  How many hm can the length of the wire be?

6.     A small bowl contains 500 ml of milk.  How many liters of milk does it contain? 

7.     A woman in England celebrated losing 6,000 g on her diet.  How many kg has she lost?

8.     A dehydrated man was administered .45 dal of saline solution in the hospital.  How much saline solution did he receive in ml?

9.     A box being shipped must have a mass that does not exceed 3 hg.  How many g is this?

10. The little boy has a stick that was a meter long.  How many dm was it in length?

4/22 - Wednesday’s Deliverables

  • Nothing to submit today
  • Begin working on corrections to identified errors on practice problems submitted as part of Tuesday’s deliverables

4/23 - Thursday’s Deliverables

  • Corrected practice problem errors submitted
  • You will receive an email with assessment problems listed, begin work and submit by Friday

4/24 - Friday’s Deliverables

  • Submit the Assessment that is in the Thursday Deliverables.