6/2 to 6/10 Assignment

6/2 to 6/10 Assignment:

  • Choose one of the following 2 briefs to complete for this assignment
  • Must create a Powerpoint with all steps of the design process covered. 
    • Must be 2 brainstormed ideas
    • Create a Decision Matrix to make a decision between your two designs
    • Create an annotated sketch detailing the parts of your product and what they are for. 
    • Depict one example of research you have done to get ideas for your project.
    • Convey to the company why your product is the best and how you met each of their criteria
    • Send your completed project to deanb@crhsd.org or deanthecoach@gmail.com 

Desk Organizer Design Brief

Client Company

Office Supply Chain Stores

Target Consumer

Teachers, Corporate Executives, and home office workers



Problem Statement

Keeping an office desk from becoming cluttered with papers, devices such as pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips, sticky notes, and writing pads is a never-ending task. This hinders work space and organization.

Design Statement

Design and model a product that will reduce the clutter that accumulates on office desks and free up space.

  1. Must not attach to the desk.

  2. Must fit into a box with interior dimensions of 6 in. depth x 12 in. width x 10 in. height.

  3. Must include a recessed area, a bent plastic part, and must have a base ¾ in. thick.

  4. Must have a minimum of five different parts once assembled.

  5. Must hold a minimum of six items.

Emergency Supply Organizer Design Brief

Client Company

Auto Parts Stores

Target Consumer

Owners of automobiles with trunks



Problem Statement

Even when placed carefully in the trunk of a car, emergency supplies and other items slide around and shift positions. Many times these products are damaged or fall into the crevices of the spare tire compartment.

Design Statement

Design a low-cost organization system that will neatly contain emergency supplies that are commonly carried in an automobile trunk.

  1. Must not attach to any part of the car.

  2. Must fit within a box with interior dimensions of 14 in. wide x 12 in. deep x 10 in. high.

  3. Must be an assembly of a minimum of six different parts.

  4. Must hold a minimum of seven items.

  5. Must be made of a durable material.