6/8 to 6 /10 Assignment

6/8 to 6/10 Assignment:

  • Complete the questions in the image below. You can use the powerpoint labeled Electricity powerpoint that is located above this assignment post. It will help you find the answers to the questions that are located below.
  • Complete any make-up work that you have left to turn in then enjoy the summer! Hopefully I will see you in september in school!
  • Turn the answers to the questions in via remind or email.
    • For microsoft word documents send to deanb@crhsd.org and for google docs send your work to deanthecoach@gmail.com


1.     Simply stated, Electricity is best described as the flow of what along a path (wire or conduit).

2.       The Generation of electricity involves the turning of what between the poles of a magnet and cutting through the lines of the magnetic field?

3.       There are three categories of electrical generation, what are they?

 4.       1n 2018, what was the individual percentage that each of these three forms contributed to electrical generation in the United States?

 5.       A complete and closed path around which electrical current can flow is called what?

 6.       What do we call a single path circuit for electrical current to flow?

 7.       What do we call a multipath circuit for electrical current to flow?

 8.       This is how we refer to the power that pushes the electrons down their path.

 9.       What do we call the movement of electrons along a path (e.g., wire)?

 10.   What do we call the impedance to the flow of electrons?

 11.   What do we report in Ohms?

 12.   What do we report in Amps?

 13.   What do we report in Volts?

 14.   If an open circuit contains a TV, a lamp, and vacuum cleaner, which of these is operating?

 15.   What helps to explain the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance?