4/27 - 5/8 Assignment

4/27 - 5/8 Assignment:

  • For you assignment over the next two weeks you will have to create a product for the April Project that I sent out a last week (also is in PLTW as Unit 10 Candy Dispenser Project). You will need to hit every step of the design process. You can use your Gantt Chart for last week as a base, but remember that as you go through each step, the amount of days that you commit to each part of the project might change. 
  • For completion you will have to submit the following in a 'project packet'. A Project packet is where you submit all parts of the project under a project title page. It is very similar to what engineering consultants would turn in to a company that they are designing a product for. 
    • To submit the project packet, copy and paste the different elements into a single document (You can do this using a word document, powerpoint presentation, google doc, or google slides).
  • You will need to submit the following elements in your project packet:
    • Project Cover Page (must include your company's name and logo)
    • Paragraph Biography of yourself
    • Brainstorming (written thought process and minimum 3 possible roughly sketched designs)
    • Create and Execute a Design Matrix
    • Detailed Annotated Prototype sketch
    • Final Gantt Chart (Include Adjustments made)
    • Conclusion (Discuss whether your solution met the constraints, positives and negatives must be included)
  • The project Packet is due 5/8, but you must remind message or email me on 5/1 about your progress of your project (You should be done up to the design matrix step by this time).
  • I will be available every day for the majority of the day by remind and 12 - 2pm every week day I will be at my computer to answer questions.
  • On each wednesday, I will hold a zoom meeting that you are invited to, in order to discuss the project. I will send out the meeting information on wednesday.