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NJSLA Test Prep

Students will be taking the NJSLA the Week of May 20th-23rd 2024 during blocks 1 and 2.  All freshman students will be taking the NJSLA Algebra 1 or NJSLA Geometry assessment, and any freshman that did not take the NJSLA Language Arts 9 in the fall semester will be taking the assessment.  Other students that are not freshman may also be required to take the assessments if the student has not already taken the assessment.   Students need to make sure that they are putting their best effort into taking this standardized test; results will be used to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Attached you will find a PowerPoint presentation that will go over some strategies that will help in preparation for test day.  The following website, , can be used to not only find out information about the test, but it also has resources with practice tests and tutorials to help prepare for the test.  Please take some time to look at the website and familiarize yourself with it.

Good luck and try your best!