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Positive Behavior In School

"Come to School! Be on time! Follow the rules and be kind!"

Cumberland Regional High School will incentive students to have positive behavior in school.  Each Month, staff members award students with "Colt Ca$h" for being great students.  At the end of each month, Colt Ca$h students are pulled for a monthly prize.  At the end of each marking period, Students who have less than 3 absences, less than 3 lates and are not getting referrals will participate in a Fun Day! Each marking period starts a new cycle with new rewards!

2023-2024 Monthly Winners

September: Keith Anderson, Zynasia Simmons, Randy Fylstra, Romeo Howard and Luis Sanchez

October:  Justin Sutton, Liliana Perez, Molly Wroniuk, Melissa Cortazar Rodriguez and Jadon Wilson

November: Ryan Griner, Lyric Sheppard, Stephan Ternay, Joseph Barnebei and Sherry Jackson



January: Savannah Velez, Nikia Beals, Sae Jon Murphy, Samuel Thompson, Josh Bodine


2023-2024 Marking Period Winners

1st Marking Period: Peter Saulin, Julian Velasquez Lopez, Jimmy Dominguez Ramirez, Malachi Rhodes and Maantram Patel

2nd Marking Period:

3rd Marking Period: Jaidy Arocho Caban, Kaleb Green, Trinity Haslam-Soman, Janaisha Armstead and Julia DiFilippantonio.

4th Marking Period: